Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Writer's Unique Relationship with Google

Today I found myself googling Chipotle locations in the greater Los Angeles area for a story. It was nice, I admit, to be able to find the information easily without going through stacks of wiki entries and anecdotes to recover the apparently vital piece of research I need to make this scene work.

This is not typically the case.

I'm pretty sure my tendency to write things that require specific information (at least in my mind that swears by the little details) has led me down enough dark google searches to put me on at least one watch list somewhere. For this piece alone I've found myself googling:

parks Los Angeles big fountain
population density (various neighborhoods in LA)
gay bars NOT west hollywood

All of which are *fairly* innocuous if you discount the fact that in the last year I've also searched for specific building floor-plans, helicopter blue prints, how engines work, and lolita goth fashion. What I'm saying is somewhere, someone is looking for an attack via helicopter on a specific building by a crew with alternative fashion taste.

Possibly followed by celebratory drinks and Chipotle.

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