Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WIP Wednesday

So, warming up to the release of Canyon Creek Love Story in just over a month now I thought it may be nice to share a little bit of the pre-alpha stuff I'm working on right now.

The closest to completion is also the only one still lacking a title; a cybernetics infused space western with a lot of heat, romance, and attempted murder. Everything I love about combining technology, space, and western themes in a M/M romance piece. This bit comes from chapter 2:

"Uh, I know I'm apparently an idiot... but South is over there." I pointed, pushing up with a frustrated groan. I tried to step forward only to realize too late that my right leg wasn't moving with me. "Ah, fuck..." I sighed, hitting the hard sand face first. "So, uh... little problem here."

Michael swore under his breath, turning back toward me. "You have a mechanical leg, don't you?"

"I prefer the term 'artificial limb analogue', thank you very much."

"Hydraulic would have suited you better... those damn cybernetics are touchy when you take on a large amount of current." He frowned, but sank down close again, withdrawing his tools.

"Yeah, but mine's cool."

He shrugged; "Fair enough." A long, awkward moment passed before I realized he was waiting for me.

"Oh, pants off?"


I tried to toe off my boots, managing the easy one off before nudging my dead leg with my human foot. "Little help here?"

Michael swore again, the corners of his mouth twitching as though he may smile, though it didn't come. "You know, I never really thought the next time I took a guy's pants off it would be in the middle of fucking nowhere."

"One of the perks of being a fucking merc. Travel to distant and exotic lands... have total strangers take your pants off."

"Shut up or I'm not fixing it."

"Just saying..." I lifted my hips, helping with the process of getting off my boots and trousers as best as I could. "This really is a lot more fun with control of all my limbs."

 I'm really looking forward to cleaning up this novel and getting it out to share the fun with everyone!

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