Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WIP Wednesday!

So I figured for WIP Wednesday I'd share a somewhat smutty taste of my current WIP baby, a short story working its way toward novella called Sound Proof about voice actor best friends falling in love.

Thomas nodded, and then shifted his weight again - rolling Chris onto his back and pinning him down against the bed. His hands planted on either side of Chris’ head, he experimentally thrust his hips, guiding the hardness of his cock along Chris’ boxer briefs. “You’ll have it.” He answered, “Anything you want.”

Anything?” Chris lips twisted into a wicked grin entirely unrestrained as he watched Thomas’ expression shift from bemused sleepy arousal to the intent fixation he’d been watched with before.

For a moment, Thomas didn’t answer. His hips dug again, prodding the head of his cock against the firm arousal tucked under tight cotton. “Did I stutter?”

Suck my dick.” Chris grinned wider, not even realizing in the moment he’d slipped into one of the many twenty-something dude voices he’d used in the booth since they started recording.

Thomas broke, leaning his full weight down on Chris’ torso as he let out a laugh that shook his body. “I hate you… I hate you so fucking much.”

You love me. You love me so fucking much.” He pushed up against him, laughing softly in his ear before letting his sleep-heavy tongue lap over the tender skin. “C’mon, you know that was hot.”

When he pushed back up, and looked down at Chris, he was grinning. “You woke me up to spout cheesy smut lines at me?”

No. I woke you up to play a little game of-”

If what you’re going to say next is any rendition of ‘hide the sausage’ I’m going to need a cold shower and a smoke before you’re allowed to speak again.”

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